Who we are

Asian Foundation provides structural aid for underprivileged children in Mongolia, a developing country in Northeast Asia. Children who live in poverty deserve a fruitful life and we wish to contribute to that goal. In all our activities we choose to be led by a Christian life vision. And in the last years we have been able to establish a number of foster homes in Mongolia. 

What we do

We continually provide for our children in education, medical care, proper housing, nourishment, clothing and personal development. We support children, their families and the surrounding area’s without discriminating.   

What we strive for

Asian Foundation strives for children to be healthy and educated, to grow up in safe environments where they can experience love in receiving as well as in giving. We believe, when children mature, that they need to be able to live adult lives in their own culture. Therefore we choose to let Mongolian “mothers” take care of them in the foster homes. Together with local authorities we work for a progress that lasts and continues on in the lives of the children as they grow older.

Mission statement

Providing structural aid for underprivileged children in Mongolia

Our vison:

  1. Getting children familiar with the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  2. Offering structural aid, like proper housing, education and medical care, etc.;
  3. Supporting a local team of professionals that is responsible for the operational management
  4. Striving for a sustainable cooperation with local authorities;
  5. Realizing a healthy financial foundation of engaged sponsors. 

Our organization in Holland

The foundation Asian Foundation is founded by notarial act in 1999. It is a Dutch organization with a Dutch board. Asian Foundation is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and is approved by the ANBI (which means that we are approved by the governments Tax Office).
Asian Foundation strives to be as efficient and effective as possible. We keep our overhead costs very low, mainly because we communicate through direct lines and also because our board exists of only 4 members: Ank Verboom (chairman), Okke Huising (funds), Violette Burger (secretary), Jan-Paul Polderman (finances).
The day to day responsibilities lie with the local foundation ‘Mongolian Children Foundation’. A team of local professionals (a general manager, an accountant and a social worker) are responsible for managing the local organization under the overall management of Corry Vreugdenhil, the director from Holland. 

Our approach in Mongolia

  1. Family homes (foster homes): Providing underprivileged children with housing, care and an education. We have 3 apartments where 30 children live in a family like situation: our Mongolian care givers provide for them like mothers.
  2. Supporting teenagers: Asian Foundation has 3 locations on their own land (hashaas). Two houses are used for housing for teenage girls that don’t have a safe accommodation to go to. We also provide for their educations. And a third house on a different piece of land is used for teenage boys to help them live on their own, we guide them and provide in their housing and education.
  3. Supporting poor families: Housing and guidance for homeless families to prevent their children from living a wondering existence. We also provide for the education of the children in these families. 

How you can help us

To financially support our work for the children in Mongolia there are several options:

  1. Sponsor a child for 50 euro’s a monthYou will receive a description and picture of the child that you are providing for and it is possible to send a letter or a gift to the organization in Mongolia for him or her. (see ‘contact information’ for our address in Mongolia)
  2. Become a benefactorYour monthly sponsoring will be used to provide for costs like educational or medical costs.
  3. A one time donationOf course it is also possible to donate the amount of your choosing as a onetime donatio

Contact information

Asian Foundation

Favrestraat 275

3066 EG Rotterdam

Phone:               +31(0)620984928



Rabobank nr: NL76RABO0313117888 o.b.o. Asian Foundation in Geldermalsen.

Chamber of commerce no: 11044949 K.v.K. in Tiel. 

Address in Mongolia

We very much appreciate your letters and gifts to the children. You can write to them in English.

Mongolian Children Foundation

To: . . . . . . . . .(name of child)

Postbox 337

Ulaanbaatar 49